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PT-AID Payment Terms Estimate
Low-Income Senior (LIS) Plan
  Please provide the following information about your property and taxes in the boxes below.
1. What is your property's borough-block-lot number (BBL)? (Click here to find your BBL.) / /
2. Department of Finance's estimate of your property's market value:
3. What is the amount of the
mortgage If you have other liens or judgments against the property, please add those in the mortgage value.
on your property?
4. Your annual property taxes:
5. Balance remaining for the current year:
6. Delinquent property taxes:
7. Total amount of taxes eligible to be deferred in the payment plan:
8. Is your property a condominium?
  Please answer the following questions about your payment plan preferences.
9. Would you like to make quarterly or monthly payments?
10. Would you like the Department of Finance to conduct a
title search If you authorize the Department of Finance to conduct a title search on your behalf it will cost $125.
on your property on your behalf and include the cost in your installment amount?
11. What percentage of your taxes would you like to pay each year?
12. To choose a term agreement, select a fixed period of time:

* These are estimates based on the information you provided and with the assumptions such as all payments are made timely and interest rates and property tax assessed values and tax rates do not change. If actual events are different from these assumptions, the projected amounts owed may change.

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